Keep Smiling

07 May 2012

smile imageReceding gums often result in tooth sensitivity and can lead to decay of the root and persistent inflammation of the gum. New research demonstrates that a method using bovine (cow) collagen is able to enhance gum healing resulting in thicker gum around the tooth and greater coverage of exposed roots.

A recent study followed 14 otherwise healthy patients with over 60 "gum recessions" between them. Their damaged teeth were cleaned before surgery and the collagen implants placed around the affected teeth.

After 6 months the results showed that in all cases the treatment improved the look and severity of the recession.

The collagen seems to be able to act as a "scaffold" for the body's own cells providing results similar to a connective tissue graft. In the future, bovine collagen may be a solution for the "long in the tooth" appearance associated with receding gums.

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