Dry Mouth

31 July 2012


If you suffer from a dry mouth...we can help!!

Dry mouth or xerostomia has a variety of causes. After a comprehensive asessment by our Oral Health Professionals, we can help you to manage the often uncomfortable symptoms of dry mouth. This can be done by prescribing the right products for you and following just 3 steps.

Step 1: Soothe and Moisturise

            We can provide assistance in prescribing suitable products such as portable sprays, soothing liquids or effective gels for night-time use.

Step 2: Daily Cleansing

             Toothbrushing is often not enough, and you may require a special toothpaste or oral rinse specifically designed for dry mouth sufferes.

Step 3: Saliva Stimulation

             We can provide advice on effective products to help stimulate your natural saliva flow throughout the day.

Dry mouth symptoms can lead to oral diseases such as tooth decay or fungal infections. Don't ignore your symptoms, arrange an appointment today!

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