Fighting Tooth Decay

26 August 2013

 Tooth Mousse


Tooth decay is a preventable disease that requires knowledge of all the factors contributing to its formation.

We are told to eat and drink healthy, exercise, get proper rest and take care of our bodies. Well the same can be applied to taking care of our oral health.

Did you know there is a very helpful adjunct to fighting tooth decay?

The active ingredient in Tooth Mousse is “casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate” or CPP-ACP. CPP-ACP is a unique, naturally derived protein-based remineralising product available in a topically applied dental cream called Tooth Mousse.  

Not only does Tooth Mousse help with preventing decay but it is also used to reverse the visible white spot carious lesions seen when the decay process starts. It is also extremely effective in treating tooth sensitivity too.

So, in conjunction with brushing twice a day and flossing daily, watching our diet (how often we eat and the consistency of foods), and making sure we drink plenty of water, it is now also a well known that tooth mousse applied after meals greatly reduces the chance of tooth decay.

Tooth Mousse is a great product for people of all ages (even babies and during pregnancy).

Why not talk to us about Tooth Mousse at your next appointment!

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