Knowing Cavity Risk Factors

29 October 2013



Cavities are a common dental problem, but they may be prevented if you follow a good daily oral hygiene routine and be careful with your food and beverage choices.

Certain factors can increase your risk for developing tooth decay. Not regularly brushing and flossing you teeth to remove plaque is a top risk factor, but keep these others in mind:

  • Specific foods and drinks. Foods that cling to your teeth are most likely to promote decay. All sugars and most cooked starchy foods are major plaque promoters, including, milk, honey, raisins, sticky and chewy lollies. Soft drinks and acidic drinks should be limited and ideally had with a meal.
  • Frequent snacking. If you snack frequently, no matter what type of food, your teeth will be under a constant "acid attack". Try and follow a 5 times per day intake of food (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner).
  • Bottled Water. Many people are concerned with the quality of tap water. While a better choice if out and about than a soft drink, bottled water is lacking in fluoride.Tap water is beneficial as it contains fluoride. Our teeth need fluoride to remain strong. 

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