The History of Dental Floss

06 November 2013


Over the years, anthropologists have found evidence that ancient people used various implements such as pointed sticks for interdental cleaning. 

But according to most sources, credit for the invention of dental floss as we know it goes to a New Orleans dentist, who in 1815 began advising his patients to use silk thread to clean between their teeth.

In 1882, unwaxed silk dental floss was marketed, and in 1898, Johnson and Johnson took out a patent for dental floss.

During the 1940's, silk floss was replaced with nylon. The variety of floss now extends to include newer materials such as gore-tex, and many have textures such as spongy floss and soft floss. Floss is also available on devices that make access to the teeth easier.

To maintain your oral health, flossing, along with twice daily brushing, should be a key part of your daily oral hygiene routine. 

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