GB Dental is at the forefront in offering the latest technologies in dentistry.


From our waiting room, where we provide free Wi-Fi, and relaxing music and movies to watch, to our treatment rooms, our technology will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Oasis Dental Practice Software


Oasis Dental Practice software provides us with the tools needed to run a modern and efficient dental practice. From arranging your appointments, to your personal clinical charting and recording of clinical notes, Oasis allows us instant access to all your data, including digital x-rays and scans. Additionally we have recall reminder and SMS reminder integration, so we can easily inform or remind you of your upcoming appointment.

Oasis also allows us to "track" instruments used during your procedures. All these features along with access and integration with our digital imaging systems (x-rays, OPG's and 3D scans), makes your dental visit a smooth process and, as our practice is essentially paper free, your appointment is also "environmentally friendly".
Oasis Dental Practice Software provides an extremely high level of data protection and security, so you can be assured your personal and clinical information remains safe and secure.

Cerec "CAD-CAM" Onlays and Crowns 


Cerec is a true porcelain filling or crown manufacturing system. The CEREC system uses "computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacture" or "CAD-CAM" technology. Using Cerec technology requires extra training on the part of the dentist. All dentists at GB Dental are highly skilled in designing and manufacturing CEREC restorations.

Intra-Oral Camerasintra_oral_cameras

At GB Dental, one of our key principles is to keep you informed and educated. The use of intra-oral cameras allows us to show you inside your mouth. Using this technology, we can gain the best possible images and views of your teeth in order to provide you the best possible treatment options.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontic files use an engine to rotate the endodontic file during root canal treatment. The advantages of rotary endodontic technology are reduced instrumentation times and fewer files used during the procedure. Nickel-Titanium files are used because of their greater flexibility which permits increasingly curved roots to be treated. Rotary endodontic technology delivers greater efficiency, flexibility and precision, allowing for very successful procedures.

Digital X-Rays

Low dose intra-oral digital radiography has surpassed traditional "film x-rays". This technology reduces radiation exposure by 90%. Additionally, your x-rays are available instantly via our computer system. This allows us to promptly show you any areas of concern and diagnose current or potential problems.

Dental X-Rays Explained: What to Expect

Rest Easy About Dental X-Rays

Orthophos X-rays and Scans

With no need to inconvenience our patients with additional appointments and referrals to radiography practices, our ORTHOPHOS XG 3D can take a range of 2D and 3D full mouth and skull scans allowing
us to detect and diagnose a wide range of current or potential problems immediately at the time of your appointment. Our practitioners achieve greater diagnostic accuracy for patient cases, and the 3D software provides precise anatomical measurements and the opportunity to evaluate and document incidental findings.

If you are considering a dental implant, the Orthophos 3D Scans allow our dentists the ability to precisely perform the range of tasks required prior to implant placement, such as performing in-depth diagnostics, accurate treatment planning and development of surgical guides. 3d_scan1

Our orthodontic patients benefit from high-quality 2D cephalometric images, as well as optimised therapy planning in indications such as unerupted teeth when using the 3D volumetric capabilities.

Endodontically, our dentists have the ability to instantly view digital images required for endodontic procedures, combined with the crisp, well-defined 3D volumetric images for revealing canal shapes and anatomies, as well as precise measurements for canal depths and widths.